Key Characteristics of a Happy Workplace by Steven Darien

1. Flexibility

Companies that give employees some flexibility in terms of hours, break time, or vacation will help foster a friendlier work environment. Often times, the result is greater honesty and fewer employees calling in “sick.” If employees know they can be honest without being reprimanded, they will generally work to retain the trusting relationship they have forged.

2. Appreciation

Praise and appreciation represent an important part of everyday morale. In addition to making employees feel good about their jobs, proper appreciation also enhances processes and contributes to better overall operations. Management and individuals in positions of authority should continually work to promote correct actions, practices, and behaviors through positive reinforcement.

3. Goals

Be clear about individual and company-wide goals. If employees remain unsure about what is expected of them, it can be incredibly difficult for them to know how to excel. Clear, definable goals serve to improve the entire company’s structure one employee at a time. Generally, these goals should be clear on a day-to-day basis, as well as on a big-picture scale.

4. Growth Opportunities

The possibility of upward mobility within a company consistently inspires increased productivity, creative thinking, and motivation. Many career experts rate growth opportunity as one of the most valuable factors in the job market. Career growth opportunities and continued education can also help to establish knowledgeable and qualified employees who will be fit for promotion, reducing or eliminating the need to hire outside the company.

About the Author: Steven Darien works as a consultant for The Cabot Advisory Group LLC, advising on topics of human resources technology, employee communications, strategic planning, and organizational design.