GSP-Promoting Theater and Helping Young Actors Grow

As chairman and chief executive officer at Cabot Advisory Group, LLC, Steven M. Darien has been providing strategic human resources management and business planning help to organizations for more than 30 years. In addition to supporting various companies, Steven M. Darien is supportive of his community and the George Street Playhouse.

Founded in 1974, the George Street Playhouse has been committed to using theater productions to enrich people’s lives. Recognized around the United States for its high-quality productions, the George Street Playhouse provides an outlet for new actors to learn and grow. With its touring productions, more than 60,000 students across the tristate area see the shows each year. Through its educational programs, workshops, and classes, the GSP builds the self-esteem of young actors and teaches them how theater arts can improve their lives.

The George Street Playhouse’s educational programs include on-site classes and workshops, in addition to the Educational Touring Theatre. Through its touring productions, the GSP spreads and promotes tolerance and anti-bullying. The theater’s classes and workshops provide quality learning experiences and support young actors in every step of their learning. The GSP is run by volunteers, employees, and interns who are dedicated to theater. With the help of donations and funds from various theater and art organizations, the GSP continues its theater productions and educational efforts.