An Overview of Organizational Design

As CEO of the Cabot Advisory Group LLC, Steven M. Darien relies on his background in human resources, management, and consulting to offer management advice on issues such as employee communications, HR technology, and organizational design.

Organizational design is the process of setting up a company to reflect and meet its mission. While deciding the right design, companies must consider the relationship between work, workflow, and authority in order to ensure that processes work toward the goals of the company. The better the organizational design, the better the output of the company. There are several design structures. For example, in a functional structure, each department has its own purpose that is clearly distinct from the other departments. Another design is divisional structure, in which the organization is divided into independent sub-units. In deciding which design is right, the company must also take into account its strategy, size, environment, and incentives.

The right organizational design can make a company much more efficient and productive. Consider contacting a consultant such as Steven M. Darien to learn more about organizational design.