SHRM Local Chapter – Bringing Local HR Professionals Together

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An accomplished human resources, strategic planning, employee communications, and board relations expert, Steven Darien has three decades of industry experience. In his present position, he is the chairman and chief executive officer of Cabot Advisory Group, where he provides expertise on human resources and personnel management to various companies. Steven Darien also holds membership with the Society for Human Resource Management.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) focuses on creating conducive workplace environments where both employers and employers can thrive. SHRM is a trusted voice on all matters relating to the workplace and welfare of workers. With a presence in 165 countries, SHRM accomplishes its mandate through membership at local chapters, where volunteers can make a difference.

Benefits of local SHRM chapter membership include creating an environment where like-minded HR professionals can connect and discuss various issues affecting their profession. Through local chapters, members can make an impact in their communities by taking part in numerous initiatives such as workforce readiness, as well as advocate and contribute to the legislative process on issues pertaining to the HR profession. In addition, honors such as the Pinnacle and Excel awards recognize and reward local chapters which have excelled in community services by giving their members a chance to contribute positively and be part of a winning team.