About Steven Darien

At The Cabot Advisory Group LLC, Chairman and CEO Steven Darien helps companies develop and pursue strategies for today’s rapidly evolving human resource environments. As the leadership of a human resources consulting company, Steven Darien possesses more than 30 years of professional experience in human resources strategy management, succession planning, and organizational design. Over his career, Steven Darien gained industry recognition, including appointment to multiple policy and advisory committees. Corporations facing human resources challenges such as mergers, transitions, acquisitions, and downsizing are Steven Darien’s primary customers. The Cabot Advisory Group works with such companies in need of management solutions that can minimize the long- and short-term effects of transitions and other human resources issues, which may ultimately affect the company’s reputation and bottom line. At The Cabot Advisory Group, Steven Darien and his colleagues employ their combined experience to create custom solutions based on the unique needs of the companies they help. The Cabot Advisory Group has employed its creative problem-solving business model for many prestigious organizations, such as Ericsson, Inc.; Exelon; Nordstrom, Inc.; and The United States Equal Opportunity Commission. Steven Darien has been at the helm of these efforts, and The Cabot Advisory Group’s consultants have garnered praise from high-level executives of the businesses they have assisted. As a consultant, Steven Darien assists companies with a variety of needs. Along with mergers, acquisitions, and transitions, The Cabot Advisory Group provides services that assist companies in developing boards of directors, creating corporate cultures conducive to productivity, and planning human resources strategies that match the company’s long-term goals.