Become a Better Patient for Your Own Sake


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Somerset Medical Center

Steven Darien leverages three decades of experience in human resources to serve as the chief executive officer of the Cabot Advisory Group. Outside of work, Steven Darien sits on the board of Somerset Medical Center, which offers informative resources for patients through its website, Topics covered on the site include ways in which patients can play their part in recovery from illness.

When it comes to your own health, healing from an illness is as much your responsibility as it is your doctor’s, if not more. There are a number of ways to take charge.

1. Watch your weight. Obesity is one of the leading health problems faced today. While a doctor can recommend a change in your lifestyle, it is up to you to exercise, watch what you eat, and adopt more active habits. Not only will exercising often help your body recover, but you’ll also be healthier and more likely to live longer.

2. Check your diet. Nutrition plays a huge role in recovering from illness. The doctor can prescribe a diet for you, but it is up to you to follow it and control your unhealthy cravings.

3. Keep up with follow-ups. The doctor may request a follow-up, but it is up to you to ensure you are there for your next checkup. Follow-up screenings help to ensure that your condition does not recur and that you are receiving the latest treatments.

New Jersey Research Hospital Offers Forward-Looking Care


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Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset

As CEO and chairman of the Cabot Advisory Group, LLC, Steven M. Darien leads a strategy-focused team offering leadership and operational solutions to a variety of business clients. In addition, he and his company have made lasting contributions in the nonprofit sphere by supporting charitable groups such as the Somerset Medical Center. Steven M. Darien’s service on Somerset’s human resource board has allowed the organization to continue to deliver the high-quality care its community has come to expect.

The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset now maintains two New Jersey facilities, one in Somerville, and the other in New Brunswick. With a total patient treatment space consisting of more than 900 beds, and an added focus on research and innovation, the center remains a leader in the healthcare field.

RWJUH offers a full range of treatment facilities concentrating on conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and neurological disorders. Its state-of-the-art maternity care unit also provides genetic counseling and four-dimensional ultrasound technology, and is the sole New Jersey site for several detailed fetal surgical procedures.

In addition, RWJUH is home to a program of minimally invasive surgery, offered through the advanced Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System. Designed to treat conditions such as degenerative disc problems and scoliosis, the system at RWJUH is one of only a few nationwide to use a major innovation in deep brain stimulation that can treat Parkinson’s disease and similar conditions.