Three Tips for Warming Up Before You Swim


Warming Up pic

Warming Up

With over 30 years of experience helping companies to manage human resources and organizational design, Steven M. Darien works as the chairman and CEO of the Cabot Advisory Group, LLC. Outside of his professional life, Steven M. Darien enjoys swimming.

Whether you are swimming competitively or just having fun, properly warming up will help ensure your safety, while also helping you get the most from your swim. Follow these three tips to help you prepare for your swim.

1. Use Swimming Fin s– Fins do a lot more of the work than your bare feet could, helping your arms slowly acclimate to swimming. According to the Somerset Valley YMCA’s director of swimming, Matthew Donovan, using flippers while you warm up can help prevent shoulder injury. Donovan claims he has not seen a single major shoulder injury in 13 years at the YMCA, attributing this statistic to swimmers warming up with flippers.

2. Start on Land – Before you even dip your toes in the water, consider stretching and warming up on land. Stretches and light cardio exercises such as jumping jacks or jogging help increase your blood flow, enabling you to swim more effectively and with less risk of injury.

3. Warm Up Mentally – Your body is not the only thing that benefits from a warm up. Preparing your mind for your swim helps ensure you retain any new information you learn. Mental preparation allows you to keep your head in the game, staying focused on your swim. Before you start your swim, take a moment to collect your thoughts. Breathe deeply and relax, letting go of or setting aside anything that might be distracting you.

American Management Association Announces New Certificate Programs

American Management Association pic

American Management Association

As the principal in the Cabot Advisory Group, Steven M. Darien deals with trends in organizational structures, succession planning, and other domains. Steven M. Darien maintains several professional affiliations, including service on the human resources advisory board of the American Management Association. The association offers a series of certifications for leaders wishing to improve their acumen.

The Business Essentials Certification enhances leadership qualities, builds project management skills, and increases analytic ability. It is packaged in three parts.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People’s new version 4.0 updates the original by providing 30 new videos and other tools that amplify author Steven Covey’s principles. The course promotes successfully leading one’s self and others in a collaborative spirit.

Essentials of Project Management for Nonproject Managers underscores the importance of teams using a common language and having realistic expectations. Participants will learn how to use project management techniques in collaborative environments.

Improve Your Analytical Skills helps managers learn to effectively process information. It is designed to help them make sense of seemingly overwhelming amounts of data and use it to their greatest advantage.

Fall 2015 Shows at the George Street Playhouse


George Street Playhouse

The chairman and CEO of the Cabot Advisory Group, LLC, Steven M. Darien draws on over three decades of executive experience. Alongside his career, Steven M. Darien serves as the chairman of the board for the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The fall 2015 season at the George Street Playhouse consists of two shows. The first, titled Murder for Two, will open on October 6 and run through October 25. A humorous musical murder mystery, Murder for Two tells the story of Arthur Whitney, a novelist killed during a party held for his birthday. Two performers play the piano and bring the cast of 11 characters to life.

The playhouse’s second fall show, The Second Mrs. Wilson, will begin on November 10 and run through November 29. The Second Mrs. Wilson takes place in 1915 when a woman essentially became the first president of the United States, a woman named Edith Galt. When President Woodrow Wilson fell in love with Edith Galt, she became a significant figure in his life and in ruling the nation.

For more information about these shows and the George Street Playhouse, visit The site also includes a link to the online box office for tickets.

George Street Playhouse Seeks Funds to Celebrate Its 40 Years

George Street Playhouse


As chairman and chief executive officer of the Cabot Group, Steven M. Darien oversees the strategic solutions firm’s daily operations. In these roles, he utilizes his 30-plus years of experience to provide organizational design, succession planning, and employee communication to the Bridgewater, New Jersey, company. Active within his community, Steven M. Darien holds positions with several noteworthy organizations, including George Street Playhouse, where he is the chairman.

Established in 1974, George Street Playhouse is a nationally recognized theater that represents several on- and off-Broadway productions. This regional theater, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, offers five main-stage productions during its season. In addition to productions performed on site, it features a touring theater that travels to more than 250 schools in the tri-state area.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, George Street Playhouse aims to raise $500,000 divided among three separate funds. The artistic enhancement fund gives the theater an opportunity to mount larger-scale productions, such as musicals. Increasing the equipment replacement fund would allow the theater to replace a dimmer rack and purchase equipment that it currently rents. Contributions in the final category, the patron experience fund, would enable the theater to undergo upgrades to its facility, including handicap-accessible restrooms and cosmetic improvements.

Productions at New Brunswick’s George Street Playhouse

Steven M. Darien serves as CEO and chair of the management committee of the Cabot Group, a New Jersey human resources consulting firm. He has a great deal of experience in the field, including decades with Merck & Co., Inc., and has been recognized by his peers in the field on several occasions for the quality of his contributions to the art of human resources management. A supporter of numerous educational and cultural organizations, Steven M. Darien sits on the Board of Trustees of Rutgers University and serves as chairman of the George Street Playhouse.

Originally opened in a former supermarket on George Street in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the George Street Playhouse today occupies the former site of the New Brunswick YMCA, also on George Street. The playhouse serves as the professional theatrical arm of the New Brunswick Cultural Center, presenting a mix of new and classic productions and supporting a touring theater that performs for academic audiences. These productions are oriented around timely issues and have recently addressed such topics as cyber-bullying, tolerance, and health and wellness.

Recent productions at the George Street Playhouse have included Getting’ the Band Back Together; Clever Little Lies; I Love, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti; and a revival of Our Town. The playhouse also hosts guest productions, such as West Side Story and Bollywood Dreams. In addition, the George Street Playhouse offers a comprehensive range of educational opportunities in classes grouped by age.

Summer Classes Teach Theatre Arts at the George Street Playhouse

Based in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Steven M. Darien, the chairman and chief executive officer of the Cabot Advisory Group, LLC, collaborates with organizations on succession preparation, human resources software, and strategic planning. Outside of his work life, Steven M. Darien also serves industry groups and non-profits, such as the George Street Playhouse in Bridgewater.

In addition to a regular season, the George Street Playhouse sponsors the Summer Theatre Academy for ages 5-18. This encourages students’ natural talents of self-expression in an enjoyable, captivating situation. A 12:1 student-teacher ratio assures individual attention. At the end of each two- or four-week course, participants will present their work on the theatre’s main stage. Classes run from June 30-July 25.

In one class for five- to 8-year-olds, students will learn to use songs to tell stories and play theatrical games. Another group will develop a classic story into a play by creating costumes and offering ideas on set construction. Students aged 9 to 12 will enhance their musical talents as they produce The Wizard of Oz. Another troupe will practice collaborative skills as they rehearse a drama. Meanwhile, actors aged 13 to 18 will hone their stagecraft as they focus on improvisation and developing characters. The other 13-18 group will work with playwrights, choreographers, and composers to stage an original production.

Mason Gross and George Street Playhouse Collaborate on Our Town

Steven M. Darien is a business professional with many decades of experience. Prior to beginning his career, he graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in economics. In addition to his current professional responsibilities, Steven M. Darien serves as the board chairman of the George Street Playhouse of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

In effort that will invigorate the local arts community, theater students from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts will collaborate with actors from the George Street Playhouse on a staging of “Our Town,” the renowned play by Thornton Wilder. The production will be directed by David Esbjornson, who chairs the school’s theater department, and will be presented by a cast of 24 actors that will include students, professionals, and others from the university and local community.

The show, scheduled from April 22nd to May 24th, will close George Street Playhouse’s next season, which marks its 40th anniversary. Though the university’s theater program and the playhouse are both prominent figures in the local performing arts scene, the production of “Our Town” marks their first collaboration. David Saint, George Street Playhouse’s artistic director, credits Esbjornson’s wide-ranging experience in professional theater and their long-standing friendship for the emergence of the new partnership.